Electronic damage recovery

Our experts intervene quickly to restore electronic equipment after a disaster. So you have one less thing to worry about.

Damage assessment

Before proceeding with electronic and computer restoration, our team performs a complete damage assessment to give you a quick, accurate estimate of the costs for the repair work. We detail all the procedures, spare parts and labour required to intervene according to our impeccable standards.

Our electronic restoration services for insurers and contractors in the residential and business sectors

Expertise for the residential and commercial sectors

Electronic restoration for insurers and contractors

With RELECTRONIC, we work for insurers and contractors to provide damage recovery services for general electronic equipment. With our expertise, we can extract valuable data from damaged computer equipment and repair the electronic circuits.

Damage assessment

We thoroughly inspect damaged equipment to provide the best solutions.

Assessment Report

We will send you a full, detailed report.

Equipment restoration

Our specialists restore your electronic and computer equipment.

Quality control

We finalize the restoration with strict quality control and then deliver the devices.

Examples of restoration

Our damage recovery experts provide customized assistance with each electronic restoration mandate to help insurance policyholders regain peace of mind.